Argentina: Croatian manifest for truth and justice

Buenos Aires, april 2011
Croatian manifest for truth and justice

We, the Croats and descendants of the Croatian people who live in the Argentinian Republic, in an independent way and through the institutions and organizations that represent us, want to manifest our absolute rejection to the verdict of the International Court of The Hague in relation to the sentence issued against Generals Gotovina and Markac.
As direct and indirect witnesses to the events occurred during the Patriotic War in Croatia fifteen years ago, we cannot keep silent or refrain from telling the truth, since this verdict from The Hague has been issued against the Republic of Croatia, against its government, against those who defended Croatia from foreign aggression, but, has only, and for the time being, punished the abovementioned Generals.
In a globalized world, strongly integrated through communications, which claims for Human Rights and the Right to the Truth to all its representative organizations and institutions, we express our repudiation to the verdict of The Hague Court, since such statement represents a most serious grievance and a mockery to those rights, which belong, not only to the Croatian people, but to all the inhabitants of the world as well.

Institutions and people who sign this manifesto:

Argentinian-Croatian Kultural Klub
Asociacion Civil conjunto Argentino Croata Jorgovan
Bar Croata FM Radio Gran Rosario
Caritas Croata Cardenal Stepinac
Center for the Ederly from the Croatian Comunity in Argentina

Centro Croata del Fin del Mundo

Cooperative Villa Martelli

Coro Croata Jadran

Croacias Totales Radiosat
Croatia in my Heart
Croatia Today
Croatian Association Hrvatski Dom from Comodoro Rivadavia
Croatian Center Bahía Blanca
Croatian Center Chaco
Croatian Center Santa Fe
Croatian Cultural Center of Mutual Relies of Dok Sud
Croatian Domobran
Croatian Home Buenos Aires
Croatian Katholic Center Saint Leopold Mandic
Croatian Katholic Center Saint Nikola Tavelic
Croatian String Group Bosna
Croatian World Kongres
D.H.K.S.S. Croatian Catholic students group
Female Vocal Group Valovi

FM Origen 102.9 MHz - San Antonio de Areco

Group Veselo
H.R.Z. Croatian Republic Party
Mala Skola of Croatian language
Male Klapa Group B.A.

Sociedad Croata de Socorros Mutuos de Villa Mugueta

Studia Croatica
Union of Croatian Asociation from the Argentinian Republic